About Dr. Agnibho Mondal

Exploring the Intersection of Healthcare and Technology.

Dr. Agnibho Mondal, M.B.B.S., M.D. (Tropical Medicine) is a physician and software developer who combines his medical expertise with a passion for programming, particularly focusing on clinical research and artificial intelligence. His work aims to integrate technological advancements to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes.

Background and Expertise

Dr. Mondal earned his MD (Tropical Medicine) from School of Tropical Medicine, Kolkata in 2021 and continues to provide medical care as Senior Resident in the same institute. He has participated in several clinical research initiatives besides providing clinical care to patients with tropical diseases among others. Intrigued by the potential of technology in medicine, he also continues to pursue computer programming, with a special interest in artificial intelligence applications in healthcare.

Professional Journey

Throughout his medical career, Dr. Mondal has contributed to clinical studies aimed at enhancing patient care and medical processes. In his programming role, he has developed applications for efficient clinical care including the improvement of diagnostic and treatment processes. His projects include electronic medical record system as well as optimized prescription writing system.

Vision and Mission

Dr. Mondal is motivated by the potential to merge technology and medicine, leveraging his interest in both fields to create innovations that enhance healthcare efficiency, precision, and accessibility. He believes in the transformative power of artificial intelligence to advance clinical research, resulting in better, faster, and more economical healthcare solutions.

Contributions and Achievements

  • Healthcare: Provides comprehensive medical care to patients with tropical diseases.
  • Clinical Research: Contributed to multiple peer-reviewed medical journal articles.
  • Software Development: Created applications that aid physicians in providing optimized patient care.
  • Social Work: Runs a charitable clinic in a rural area and provides free cost medical care to the people in need.

Commitment to Innovation

Dr. Mondal is committed to developing innovations that uphold the highest standards of patient care while advancing medical technology. His current projects include researching the application of AI for enhanced healthcare.

You are invited to learn more about Dr. Mondal's efforts and join his journey in advancing medical care through technology. For collaboration or inquiries, feel free to contact.

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